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Our Inspiration

The story behind our Gold Foil Sheet Mask

Princess Yonghe

Yonghe was a princess from Asia. Unlike other princesses who only concerned themselves with politics, she devoted her time to the study of beauty therapies and was soon crowned "The Beauty Queen".

Her skincare recipes have been passed down from generation to generation and her facial treatment, in particular, proved most popular among her people due to its affordability and effectiveness at treating dry skin. The people referred to it as "affordable luxury".

Panachea loves the idea of creating affordable luxury cosmetics so taking our inspiration from princess Yonghe's royal facial treatment, we’ve put our heads together and the result is our unique moisturising mask.

Our mask is specifically designed to hug the contours of the face while our non-drip formula penetrates the deeper levels of the skin leaving your face looking brighter, fresher and ultra-hydrated for longer.

Such a ground-breaking sheet mask deserves packaging just as innovative. Our inner packaging is more hygienic thanks to its two-part design, which keeps those all-important active ingredients fresher for an extended period of time.